Margareta von Kenzingen
Birth Date:
prior to 1407
Death Date:
December 23, 1428

Margareta was the wife of the merchant (and perhaps mayor) of Kenzingen. Her daughter is NULL.

Social Status:

She was the wife of a merchant.


She entered the reformed Dominican convent of Unterlinden in Colmar sometime prior to 1423.



Ecclesiastical Relationships:

Along with other sisters from her house, she helped to reform the convent of "An den Steinen" in Basel in 1423.

Literary Works:

Her vita is recorded in the "Buch der Reformacio Predigerordens" of Johannes Meyer. Book V, c. 11-14, in codice 1916 of the St. Gall Stiftsbibliothek (circa 1483).

Brief Profile:

According to Margareta's vita, after the death of her husband in 1411, she went first on a five year pilgrimage. After lying ill in the Marburg hospital of Saint Elisabeth, she was falsely accused of stealing and was saved from drowning herself by a priest. She was later advised to enter the reformed Dominican convent of Unterlinden in Colmar, where she dwelt for the remainder of her life as a sister. She was among the sisters from Unterlinden that reformed the convent "An der Steinen" in Basel in 1423. She died on December 23, 1428. She was recorded in the vita literature of her order, since she regularly had mystical experiences and because she took part in the reform of the Dominican order.