Alternate Name:
Anflaed, Anflæd
Birth Date:
626, Easter Day
Death Date:
ca. 685-704
Deira, Northumbria
Location of Work:

Deiran royal family

Edwin son of Ælle, King of Deira/Northumbria, 616-633
Æthelburgh (Tata) daughter of Æthelberht of Kent (later Abbess of Lyminge, Kent)
Oswiu son of Æthelfrith, King of Bernicia/Northumbria 642-670

Ecgfrith, King of Bernicia/Northumbria (r. 670-685); Ælfwine, King of Deira (r. 670-679); Abbess Ælfflæd of Whitby; Osthryth, Queen of Mercia (c. 675/8-697). Stepchildren: Alchfrith, King of Deira (651-c. 665); Alchflæd, Queen of Mercia (654); Aldfrith, King of Northumbria (685-704).

Other Family:

Paternal cousin King Oswine son of Osric, King of Deira (r. 644-651); her brother Osfrith died with her father at the battle of Hatfield Chase in 633, her other brother Eadfrith was executed by King Penda of Mercia who had given him refuge after Hatfield Chase sometime between 633 and 642. King Eadbald of Kent was her maternal uncle, and his successors were her cousins.


Probably at her mother’s abbey of Lyminge, Kent, and later when she entered Whitby in 670 after the death of her husband.

Social Status:

Queen of Bernicia/Northumbria (c. 642-670), Abbess of Whitby (680-death)

Religious Titles:

Nun and Abbess.

Religious Roles:

Co-Abbess of Whitby with her daughter Ælfflæd, who had been Abbess Hild’s protégé.

Ecclesiastical Relationships:

Whitby, Gilling.

Secular Affiliations:

With her children, and her cousins in Kent.

Feast Day:
December 11
Charitable Works:
Sponsored the youth Wilfrid’s entry into Lindisfarne and later his first trip to Rome. Monastery of Gilling was founded at Eanflaed’s demand to pray for her murdered cousin King Oswine and for the murderer, her husband King Oswiu. Eanflæd was credited as
Misc Info:

She was the first Deiran baptized by Bishop Paulinus at Pentecost in 626. She fled to Kent with her mother and Bishop Paulinus when her father Edwin was slain by Cadwallon of Gwynedd.

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