Christine Ebner
Birth Date:
Death Date:
December 27, 1356

Christine Ebner stemmed from a patrician family from Nuremberg. Her family had previously been a ministerial family. Christine was the tenth child of Seyfried Ebner and Elisabeth Kuhdorf.

Seyfried Ebner
Elisabeth Kuhdorf

Christine Ebner entered the Dominican convent of Engelthal at twelve years old.

Social Status:

She came from a Patrician family of Nuremburg.

Religious Roles:

Christine Ebner was a Dominican nun, mystic, and visionary.



Ecclesiastical Relationships:

Since 1338, she corresponded with Heinrich von Nördlingen and through him established ties with NULL. In 1351 he stayed in Engelthal for three weeks with Christine.

Literary Works:

Christine wrote her vita and "Offenbarungen" at the beheast of her Dominican confessor, Konrad von Füssen, beginning in the year 1317 until her death. This work is preserved most notably in the Stuttgart Codex.

Brief Profile:

Christine Ebner entered the Dominican convent of Engelthal at twelve years old. In 1291 she began to have visions and mystical experiences. Because of her uncompromising stance in regard to the monastic life, she dealt for a long time with the resistence of her fellow nuns. After 1297, her reputation for holiness grew; Emperor Karl IV asked for her blessing in 1350. She died on December 27, 1356 and was buried within Engelthal, where she was regarded as a saint. The Lutheran reformation prevented a wider distribution of her cult.

Misc Info:

Christine Ebner appears to have been influenced by the spiritual trend of "bridal mysticism" (Brautmystik). Christine Ebner also appears to have been familiar with the poem "From the courtly soul" (Von der mynenden sele), as well as works dealing with the theme of the daughter of Syon, and with a translation of Mechtild von Magdeburg's "Flowing Light of the Godhead." Christine Ebner in turn influenced the budding mystical literature of the community of Engelthal. Christine Ebner also recorded the virtues and mystical experiences of the other nuns of Engelthal in the Engelthal Sisterbook, composed circa 1340.

June Mecham