Original Country
Antonio Gambello (1458-81) and Mauro Codussi (ca. 1500).
Creator Role
Lead Architects
Sorting Title
S. Zaccaria, exterior

Benedictine monastery with adjoining convent (chiesa vecchia) of Benedictine nuns.

Creation Date
1456/58 and ca. 1500
15th, 16th
Style Genre
Venetian Gothic and Renaissance
Historical Context

This Benedictine monastery was founded and placed under ducal authority in 827; it is connected to two other structures. The first is an adjoining convent (chiesa vecchia) of Benedictine nuns that was built in the Gothic period and rebuilt by Antonio Gambello in 1458. The convent contains 16th-century cloisters linked to the church by an open loggia behind its apses. The second is another church built in ca. 15th/16th century. Eight doges of Venice are buried in the church's crypt.

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Descriptive Notes

The work of several artists can be found here including that by Andrea del Castagno, Nicolo Bambini and Jacopo Bellini.

The plan of the monastery is in the French-Gothic style (perhaps after Cluny). It has 3 nave bays and a choir with an ambulatory and radiating chapels--the only one of its kind in Venice.

Photo Credit
Lisa Bitel
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