Original Country
Castile - Leon
Sorting Title
Retable, left section

In the upper left of the left section of the retable, is the scene of Christ among Doctors. Four doctors, each wearing a hat, stands before the Christ Child, who sits at the entrance of a building and is decorated with a crossed nimbus. His right hand is raised and holds a book in his left. The inscription reads: COMO FUE FALLADO IHU XPO ENEL TENPLO Q(UE) ENSENAUA LA LEY (How Jesus Christ was found in the temple teaching the law).
In the upper right is the Miracle at Cana. Christ, with his right hand raised, is flanked by the bride and bridegroom and seven apostles, behind a table on which are four knives, loaves, vessels, and other objects. The inscription reads: COMO IHU XPO TORNO EL AGUA BINO (How Jesus Christ turned the water into wine).
In the lower left, Pedro Lopez de Ayala and Pero Lopez de Ayala, the donors, kneel with their hands clasped before Blasius of Sebaste, who is nimbed, mitered in bishop's vestments, and holding a crozier. Their names are inscribed in scrolls floating above each figure. The inscription reads: SANT BLAS BENDIZE A ESTOS CAUALEROS (St. Blasius blesses these cavaliers).
To the right, in the lower register is the Annunciation. The Archangel Gabriel is nimbed, holding a scroll inscribed AVA MARIA GRACIA, kneeling beside a lily in a vase before the Virgin Mary, who is nimbed, holding a book, and seated on throne before a building. The dove of the Holy Ghost descends on a ray from the mouth of God, who is a nimbed, half figure in an arc of heaven in the upper left corner of the scene.
In the lower left is the Visitation, showing the Virgin Mary and Elizabeth, both nimbed, in a close embrace, before a building. The inscription reads: COMO SE ABRAÇARON SANTA MARIA E SANTA HELISABETH (How the Virgin and St. Elizabeth embraced each other).

Eschutcheons of the Ayala and Guzman families in borders.

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article or essay
h. 253.6cm, w. 639.4cm
Original Location

Quejana: Alava Dominican Convent

Original Structure

Ayala chapel

Historical Context

Retable and altar frontal made for the Ayala chapel in the Dominican nuns' convent at Quejana (Alava).

Patrons and Others

Pedro Lopez de Ayala and Mari Ramirez

Inscription gives the names of the donors Don Pedro Lopez de Ayala and Doña Leonor de Guzman, his wife, and the date 1396.

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Chicago: Art Institute Museum

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Index of Christian Art
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