The Mental Sorrows of Christ in His Passion

Varano, Battista da.Berrigan, Joseph (translator) The Mental Sorrows of Christ in his Passion in Matrologia Italica 6

[The Mental Sorrows of Christ in His Passion]
The Mental Sorrows of Jesus in His Passion lists eight of the sufferings of Christ as told to the author/interlocutor, Camille Battista da Varano, who adheres to the Franciscan tradition of personal involvement with the Passion. The author was from a noble Umbrian family which she left to enter the Poor Clares and found a convent at Urbino in 1481. The text was written circa 1483 and is translated by Joseph Berrigan and published by Peregrina. It was originally derived from Le Opere Spirituali, a cura di Giacomo Boccanera (Iesi: Edizioni Francescane, 1958) 145-172. By permission of Peregrina Publishers. Please abide by the laws of copyright and Fair Use.