Community ID
Corporate Status
Double Monastery after 811 until it becomes a male community sometime after 897.
Date Founded
Date Terminated
897 or later (before 1066)
Religious Order
Benedictine after 970; earlier order unknown
Foundation Information

King Offa founded a community of women in 787. Coenwulf added a community of men in 811. Winchcombe was the chief royal Mercian minster for the Worcester diocese.

Notable Heads

Cynethryth and Aefflaed, two women related to the royal house of Mercia, may have been abbesses around 897. However, Sarah Foot raises questions about their status as abbesses. See Veiled Women, vol. 2, 239-240 and n. 1.


The royal house of Mercia founded this community.

Secular Political Affiliations

For a time in the ninth century, Winchcombe served as a royal archive for documents of the royal house of Mercia.


The women at Winchcombe leave a record of a dispute between two churches, Winchcombe and Worcester, over land at Upton in Blockley in Gloucestershire. See Veiled Women, vol. 2, 239.

Miscellaneous Information

The monastery was the burial site of both Coenwulf and the martyred prince Kenelm. Oswald reformed the monastery between 969 and 975. It is not clear whether or not women were still part of the monastery at this time.

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