West Preston (needs verification)
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1082 or before
Date Terminated
1086 or later
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Veiled Women, vol. 2, 213-214
Waters of Arun, 101-103
The Priory of Lyminster, 121.

Miscellaneous Information

Since Almeneches owned land in Poling hundred at a place called Nunnaminstre, it has been suggested that a women's religious house was in existence at that place. Traditionally that house has been associated with Lyminster. It has been argued however that Nonneministre might better be associated with West Preston, a property also owned by by Almeneches. Foot notes that there is equal evidence for Nonneministre being located at West Preston as there is for a Lyminister location (Veiled Women, vol. 2, 213-214).

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This entry might better be made a part of the Lyminister entry. I made a seperate entry because Foot listed them seperately.

Ruth Robbins
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