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Alternate Names
Esslingen-Weiler; Weiler bei Esslingen
Weiler (Wyler)
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Modern Location
Blessed Virgin Mary (church); S. John the Apostle (convent)
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Religious Order
Foundation Information

This convent was established in 1230 from an earlier settlement of religious women (sisters?). In 1245 the community joined the Dominican order.

Manuscript Sources

Several works from the convent's library are still extant. The Landesbibliothek in Karlsruhe conatains a Liber ordinarius in German and Latin (c. 1500) from the community, #St. Peter Perg. 31. The Landesbibliothek in Stuttgart preserves the majority of works, including a Diurnale (c. 1538/40), written by Magdalena Becht, #Brev. 17; a Liber horarium in German and Latin (c. 1435/38), written by Magdalena Becht, #Brev. 23; a Rituale (c. 1494/99), #Brev. 38; an Off. defunct. in German, (c. 1505/12), possibly written by Magdalena Becht, #Brev. 44; and a manuscript from Straßburg, sine datum, #Brev. 45. Additionally, the library preserves 10 Liber precum, all in German and dating from the 15-16th centuries, #s Brev. 50, written and owned by Dorothea Gandelf (Gundelfinger), #Brev. 52, owned by Soror Justina; #Brev. 53, written by Margaretha Trutwyn and owned by Anna Dyrleberin; #Brev. 57; #Brev. 58, written by Margaretha Trutwyn and owned by Magdalena Kridwisin; #Brev. 59, written by soror W. Z. and Margaretha Trutwyn; #Brev. 60, owned by Ehingerin; #Brev. 62, written by Margaretha von Bernhausen and owned by Agnes Brinlerin; #Brev. 65, owned by Magdalena Kridwissin; and #Brev. 74. The library also possesses a Mass and prayer-book (c. 1534/37), written by soror Barbara (Gabler?), #Brev. 70; an Horarium (c. 1488/90), owned by Barbara Mor(lock?), #Brev. 79; a Kranken-und Totenordo (c. 1513/14), written by Magdalena Becht, #Brev. 140; a miscellaneous grammer (c. 1484), written by Barthol. de Schorndorff and owned by Adam von Heilbronn, #Poet. et phil. 4o5; and a miscellaneous theological work (16th c.), written by Barbara (Gabler?), #Theol. et phil 8o90. The University Library in Tübingen contains a manuscript from the community, #Mc 312 (previously 313).

Miscellaneous Information

The community was finally dissolved in 1592.

Manuscripts Produced

Several of the works from the convent's library are still extant and many indicate female copyists, who presumably represent Dominican sisters from this community. Magdalena Becht is listed as the copyist of a Diurnale, Liber horarium, an office of the dead, and a service for the sick and dead, #Brev. 17, 23, 44, and 140 respectively. Most of the remaining 10 Liber precum were copied and/or owned by women. Women mentioned are Dorothea Gandelf (copyist and owner), sister Justina (owner), Margaretha Trutwyn (copyist), Anna Dyrleberin (owner), Magdalena Kridwissin (owner), Margaretha von Bernhausen (copyist), Agnes Brinlerin (owner), sister Barbara (Gabler?) (copyist), and Barbara Mor(lock?) (owner). (see manuscript sources)

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It is unclear whether the women listed as copyists and owners of extant works were all nuns of the community or whether the convent actively engaged in book production and exchange, but both appear likely.

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