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S. Leonard, Dunemuth, Donnemade, Tinmouth, Thynmouth , at termination date
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Date Terminated
865-875; refounded c. 1090 as a male Benedictine community, which was terminated in 1536.
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Foundation Information

The comunity was reputedly founded by King Oswald of Northumbria as the burial site of the king and martyr, Oswin (Venarde). According to Bede, a community of men had been on the site before the religious women (Veiled Women, vol. 1, 52). It was terminated circa 865-875 when the nuns were slaughtered in the 9th century (Veiled Women, vol. 1, 72)and refounded circa 1090 as a priory of monks dependant upon S. Albans. It was a double house in its early medieval incarnation, housing both monks and nuns. The community was [re?-]founded as a hospital, perhaps a dependency of the Benedictine male monastery of Tynemouth, Northumberland then Newcastle,Newcastle before 1293.
Dugdale, in contrast to the above, places the foundation as occurring between 617 and 633. He presents the opinion that the house was either founded for nuns or founded as a double monastery. In 634, Oswald built a stone building and thus, according to Dugdale, some see him as the founder. He does not mention whether or not the nuns continue in residence through the several attacks on the community by the Danes, the last of which occurred in 940. He mentions no women at the community when it is refounded in the eleventh century and given to the monks of Jarrow (Dugdale's Monasticon Volume 3, 301ff).

First Members

It was a double house in its early medieval incarnation, housing both monks and nuns.

Dependency Of

After refoundation as a male priory circa 1090, it was dependent upon S. Albans.

Secular Political Affiliations

It was traditionally held to have been founded by King Oswald of Northumbria.


In 1536 the suppression commission listed Tynemouth among the monasteries suppressed which had incomes under 200 pounds (Medieval Religious Houses in England and Wales, 233).


It was a hospital initially[?].

State Of Medieval Structure

Nothing remains of either of the medieval foundations.

Miscellaneous Information

The first order & rule was perhaps based on the community's dependency upon a male Benedictine community.

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