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Alternate Names
Hamtun or Hamtunia
Date Founded
959 or before
Date Terminated
1066 or earlier; perhaps as early as 996
Secondary Sources

Veiled Women,vol. 1, and vol. 2, 179-180

Miscellaneous Information

The main evidence for the existence of this community came from La Vie de Sainte Vulfhilde par Goscelin de Cantorbéry in which Goscelin describes the gifting of six communities of religious women (Hamtunia, Shaftesbury, Barking, Horton, Wilton, and Wareham (female) to Wulfhild by king Edgar after he failed to seduce her. The community at Southampton was not mentioned in the Domesday book, suggesting that it was long dissolved at that point.

Ruth Robbins
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This community needs further verification.

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