S. Sperandio
Community ID
Alternate Names
S. Filippo e S. Giacomo; S. Egidio; Currently S. Benedetto
Città di Castello
Città di Castello
Medieval Location
Close to the Porta S. Maria Maggiore
Date Founded
Religious Order
Benedictine (as reformed by S. Sperandio and B. Santuccia)
Foundation Information

Founded by B. Santuccia de Carabutto. On June 24, 1271, B. Santuccia had herself confirmed by Bishop Niccolo. He approved the acts of the chapter general held at Arezzo in 1270.

Notable Heads

In 1423, Domina Francesca, daughter of Bernardo of Valbuscoso di Ubaldini was Abbess of S. Sperandio and S. Egidio.

Notable Members/Residents/Guests

In 1305, Abbess Francesca intervened at the chapter general in Rome.

Population Counts

1284: 11 nuns

Incorporated Communities

In 1477, Domina Giacobba di Giovanni Peri, Abbess of S. Maria in Giulia, ordered S. Maria del Ponte (which had only 2 nuns) and S. Lorenzo di Borgo S. Sepolcro to be united with S. Sperandio. S. Maria del Ponte broke the union in 1452 and Sixtus IV renewed it in 1473. In 1574, the nuns of S. Maria transferred to S. Margherita. A final union with S. Maria delle Grazie di Rsarello (Clares) was accomplished only on June 28, 1930, and was opposed by D. Caterina di Perugia.

Early Documents

[1] 1275: Bishop Niccolo ordered that the monastery should accept Imelda, daughter of Cavalcante di Armanno. He excommunicated those nuns who were not present. // [2] July 5, 1308: Nuns swore obedience to Suor Donata, abbess of S. Maria in Giulia. // [3] 1403: land sold to Giorgio of Domenico de Bordenari with the approval of teh superior in Rome. // [4] 1427: Notary Pietro di Lapo wrote that the monastery was in ruins and the nuns went to live in a house with a cloister near the church of S. Egidio. // [5] 1466: Nuns swear obedience again to S. Maria in Giulia. Commune gave it 10 libri annually.


Two thorns from the crown of thorns, mounted in silver.

Manuscript Sources

Citta di Castello, Arch., Prot. not. di ser Piero di Lapo, c. 161.

Published Primary Sources
Secondary Sources
Suzanne Wemple-Kinder
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