S. Paolo delle Abbadesse
Community ID
Alternate Names
S. Pauli Fontis Tibertini; S. Paolo Gorgo Tiberino i Chiagio
Medieval Location
Bastia, a few steps from the Ponte delle Bastiola, and the confluence of Tescio and Chiasco
Date Founded
1180 (circa)
Date Terminated
1453 (See "Incorporated By," below)
Religious Order
Incorporated By

S. Apollinare (see "Litigations," below). Some nuns chose not to join the merger, and instead left to found the community of Benedetta.


In 1330-40, S. Paolo delle Abbadesse built a monastery next to S. Apollinare and transferred nuns in in 1341. They began to quarrel over the church that S. Paolo wanted to build on the "platea" that belonged to S. Apollinare. Their excues was that S. Paolo abutted the "platea" on two sides and S. Apollinare on only one. On September 12, 1341, Nicola, bishop of Assisi and vicar general, solved the crisis by letting S. Paolo build with one wall balanced by the wall of Monastery S. Apollinare. Peace reigned until 1411, but then, because of war and earthquake, the wass between the church of S. Apollinare and S. Paolo was damaged. The outcome was that S. Paolo had to pay 6 gold florentines to S. Apollinare. The nuns of S. Paolo contested the verdict, but a higher court upheld it. There was peace for 30 more years, but in 1442 political and social battles once again divided the two communities. S. Apollinare was viewed as virtuous, but not S. Paolo. Giovanni de Acetis de Cormaianico deposed Emilia Antonii Franceschini de Fluminibus as abbess of S. Paolo, transferred her with the other nuns to other monasteries of the city, and united S. Paolo to S. Apollinare, because of unvirtuous morals ("inhonest morium").

Suzanne Wemple-Kinder
Date Started
Date Finished