S. Nicholas (hospital)
Community ID
Alternate Names
S. Nicholas without Walmgate Barr, S. Nicholas outside Walmgate Bar
Medieval Location
It originally stood outside Walmgate Bar
Modern Location
Beverley. The hospital was later moved to Lawrence St.
Corporate Status
Date Founded
1286 or earlier
Date Terminated
1538 or later
Religious Order
Foundation Information

Founded to serve the poor. According to an early inquisition record, the hospital was founded on land donated by Stephen the first abbot of St. Mary Bootham's hospital in York. The hospital was founded sometime between 1088 and 1286. It was believed to have been built over the site of an ancient foundation.

Notable Members/Residents/Guests

Margaret de Punchardon was an anchoress here after 1321.

Population Counts

In 1291, there were 3 lepers and 38 brothers and sisters serving at the hospital. A few years later 36 nuns, including 4 who were lepers, were accepted into the hospital. Their price for admittance was 20 marks.

Dependency Of

In the early modern period the hospital was annexed to the priory of Holy Trinity at York.


There was an in-depth inquisition in 1291.

Social Characteristics

It was originally a Royal foundation.

Relative Wealth

In the 1530's it was valued at £29. 18s. 8d.

State Of Medieval Structure

The hospital was destroyed in the Siege of York in 1644. The Norman doorway was saved by Lord Fairfax who had it moved to St. Margaret's, Walmgate.

Miscellaneous Information

While under the supervision of masters Simon de Wyllardby and Robert de Sancto Laurencio, the monks and nuns were allowed to dress in laymen's attire and to forgo the tonsure, which was contrary to their rule. There is evidence that before the foundation of Syon Abbey, the first and only Brigittine house in England, there were plans to convert the hospital into a Brigittine abbey. A neglected history in the prehistory of Syon Abbey: the letter of Katillus Thornberni in Uppsala University Library Pappersbrev 1410-1420

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