S. Mauritius
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Date Founded
1141-1144 (circa)
Religious Order
Foundation Information

In 1141, the patrician Hermann and his wife, Ida, constructed a church dedicated to S. Mauritius on property belonging to S. Pantaleon. Hermann claimed that this was done with the approval of the abbot of S. Pantaleon; the abbot claimed otherwise. The controversy was referred in 1144 to Archbishop Arnold I who transferred a group of nuns from the Benedictine nunnery of Rolandswerth to S. Mauritius and placed them in possession of the church. It is unkown whether the founders had intended to establish a convent, but they did remain benefactors of the community and were generally regarded as the founders.

First Members

Benedictine nuns from the nunnery of Rolandswerth.

Incorporated Communities

Certain nuns from Rolandswerth.

Dependency Of

The nuns were placed under the spiritual supervision of the abbot of S. Pantaleon, but were independent in temporal matters.


Hermann and his wife, Ida, continued to be benefactors of the community after its establishment.

Social Characteristics

The convent was a mixture of patrician and middle-class nuns. Of the identified nuns, fifteen were patrician, eight were middle-class.

Published Primary Sources

Stadtarchiv St. Mauritius Urkunden I and II, printed by Lacomblet, Theodor J. Urkundenbuch 1. Urkundenbuch fuer die Geschichte des Niederrheins. 4 vols. ( J. Wolf: Dusseldorf, 1840-1858.)

Secondary Sources

[2]Arntz, Ludwig, Heinrich Neu and Hans Vogts. Die Kunstdenkmaler der Stadt Koeln, vol 2, part 3: Die ehemaligne Kirchen, Kloster, Hopitaler und Schulbauten der Stadt Koeln, in Die Kunstdekmaler der Rheinproviz, vol 7 (L. Schwann: Dusseldorf, 1937).

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