S. Maria Maddalena
Community ID
Alternate Names
S. Mariae Magdalenis de Repentutis
Medieval Location
Near the Porta S. Pietro, in the houses that belonged to Pelloso de Filippuccio in the parish of S. Maria di Colle.
Date Founded
1350 or earlier
Date Terminated
1883 (see "Incorporated By," below)
Religious Order
Augustinian, then Benedictine after 1382
Incorporated By

S. Caterina Vecchia Was a dependency of S. Caterina off and on beginning in the late fourteenth century. On March 17, 1487, Pope Innocent VIII united the two houses, but S. Caterina detached itself around 1590 and elected its own abbess in 1595. S. Caterina incorporated S. Maria Maddalena from 1810-15, and again in 1865, but the two communities were not definitively united until 1883.

Dependency Of

In 1351 the nuns were declared not honest or chaste because they were not well cared-for by their guardians. The Magistry dismissed all ministers and gave the guardianship to two priors with rights to chastise the nuns. In 1382, the commune invited Benedictine nuns under the direction of S. Caterina Vecchia to take over.


In 1409, the nuns requested and were given permission from Alberto del Ponte Nuovo and the commune to enlarge the church and living quarters.

Other Economic Activities

The community received alms in 1382, 1451 (10 basketsful of grain) and 1503.

Suzanne Wemple-Kinder
Date Started
Date Finished