S. Maria della Carità
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Alternate Names
S. Maria de Caritate / S. Claudio / di Carpello / Vallis Gaudii. After 1255, sometimes called S. Claudio, after its incorporation of and physical transfer to S. Claudio e S. Crociferi
Medieval Location
Fonte Carpello, 3 km. from the city. In 1327, moved to the site of S. Claudio e S. Crociferi (see
Date Founded
1217-1229 (see
Date Terminated
1488/1862 (see
Religious Order
Poor Clares
Foundation Information

Foundation may date to as early as 1217, when Angeluccio sold lands "Asio Fontis carpelli" for 4 libre lucchesi to Clare of Assisi, who in turn came to Foligno in 1216. According to Dictionnaire d'histoire et de géographie ecclésiastiques, the community was founded close to villa Carpello around 1229 by Clare of Assisi. In 1232, Pope Gregory IX renamed it S. Maria Vallis Gaudii, and transferred it to Foligno, in a space adjacent to the monastery of S. Claudio. On September 4, 1256, Pope Alexander IV annexded the buildings of S. Claudio e S. Crociferi and transferred them to S. Maria.

Notable Heads

Giovanna da Foligno, abbess, 1239-59

Population Counts

33 nuns in 1227. In the 17th century, there were 51 nuns living there, but this was almost certainly a later community.

Priveleges & Papal Exemptions

On September 19, 1227, Pope Honorius III confirmed the Rule of St. Benedict for the community, which Cardinal Ugolino had given to the community on July 29, 1219.

Incorporated Communities

S. Claudio e S. Crociferi in 1255 (confirmed by Pope Alexander IV); S. Maria de Carista in 1400.

Incorporated By

Supressed on August 24, 1488, due to disorders. Nuns went to S. Caterina. A separate group of Clares from the city acquired the buildings in 1502. This later community on the same site seems to have survived until 1862.

Other Ecclesiastical Relations

Reformed by S. Lucia in 1512-13; reformers later returned in 1516.

Manuscript Sources

Foligno, Bibliotheca Iacobilli, Cod. A. V. 6, cc. 56-137; Cod. B. VI. 8, cc. 107-110 and 113 v.- 144; Cod. C. II. 19, cc. 15v., 187 v., 189 v.;
Italy, Foligno, Bibliotheca Comunale, A. Mancinelli, Monasteri, 13/9

Published Primary Sources

Vite de santi e beati dell'Umbria, vol. II, pp. xxix-xxx, n. 10.

Secondary Sources
Suzanne Wemple-Kinder
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