S. Margherita
Community ID
Alternate Names
S. Margherita delle Milizie; S. Margherita presso la Consolatione
Medieval Location
Originally outside the city, on the street to Monte Santo near a fortress; later within the city itself
Date Founded
1150 (circa)
Date Terminated
1409 (see
Religious Order
Priveleges & Papal Exemptions

1204 (Pope Paul II)

Incorporated Communities

Esser, Kajetan, 'Die Briefe Gregors IX an die Hl. Klara,' Franziskanishe Studien 35 Die Heilige Klara von Assisi zu ihrem 700 Todestage (1953) 274-295. in 1404: S. Margarita had been in danger outside of the city, and had united with Milizie. The joint community took the name "S. Margherita delle Milizie," and later absorbed S. Benigno in 1486. By 1489, the buildings outside the city had been completely abandoned.

Dependency Of

S. Paolo (Rome -- male community?) as of 1202. Abbo Esquinus sent statutes to its dependencies in Todi: S. Margherita, S. Caterina della Scala, S. Benigno and S. Giorgio.

Early Documents

1202, June 14: Innocent III confirmed S. Paolo's jurisdiction over the commuity and its belongings (see "Dependency of," above, and "Published Primary Sources," below); 1230, January 23: Abbess Illuminata got back some land.

State Of Medieval Structure

Part of the ancient structure, probably the church, is preserved.


Body of the Beata Giovanni di Ranuccie of Todi, called "elemosinario." His body was found on September 3, 1598, in the church of S. Margherita, under the altar in a marble container on which was inscribed his name and the date of his death (June 8, 1330). Nuns transported his body to the church of the Milizie.

Manuscript Sources

Archivio di S. Paolo, transcribed by Galletti, p. 21, transcription of Bibliotheca Apostolica Vaticana, Vat. Lat. 7932, parte II, c. 144;
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Published Primary Sources

Bullarium Casinense, vol. 1, p. 26, and vol. II, pp. 396 and 534;
Innocentii III Romani pontificis Opera omnia..., col. 93;
Documenti Tudertini, p. 423, no. iii, and pp. 433-436, nos. xxxvii-xxxviii

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