S. Magno
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Modern Location
Via Posterola n. 6
Date Founded
1100-1199 (12th century)
Date Terminated
Still extant
Religious Order
Incorporated Communities

On February 16, 1399, S. Maria asked for union with the nuns of S. Magno, Amelia, because of war and poverty. The pope gave jurisdiction over S. Maria to S. Magno as both were under the jurisdiction of S. Paolo of Rome. On July 30, 1426, there was a complaint that the structures had collapsed. Bishop Filippo Venturelle proposed that the pope transfer the nuns to Amelia, reserving for them the income of the community in Canale. Martin V issued a bull to this effect. In 1428, however, not every nun was at S. Magno. Some transferred to S. Stefano.

Dependency Of

S. Paolo of Rome (male)


Riccadonna [sic] left 5 solidi to the community. Caterina, daughtr of Nero magister, granddaughter of Ranarius of Amelia, and great-granddaughter of Stephan Marcuci, left 2 florentines to the monastery on January 19, 1369.

Secondary Sources
Suzanne Wemple-Kinder, Paolo Pennazzi
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Paolo Pennazzi on the correct street address.

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