S. Lucia
Community ID
Medieval Location
In the quarter of Poelle
Date Founded
Religious Order
Poor Clares
Augustinian at founding; Rule of S. Damiani in 1422; Osservanti in 1426. In 1476, they accepted the first Rule of S. Chiara, as rewritten by Pope Sixtus IV.
Notable Heads

S. Margherita da Sulmone (1424-25, 1448); Allessandra da Sulmone (1425); Cecillia Coppoli (1449, 1460, 1468-75, 1477-87); Francesca da Perugia (1476-77), Theodosia degli Atti di Foligno (1477); Felicita da Spoleto (1498); Taddea da Foligno (1500). Cecillia Coppoli was later abbess in Monteluce in 1456. She was aided in her duties at S. Lucia by Frencesca da Perugia and Scholastica de Foligno.

Population Counts

50 nuns in the 17th century; 27 nuns and 9 converses in 1967.

Other Ecclesiastical Relations

Correspondence with S. Cosma e S. Damiano in Mica Aurea, S. Maria de Monteluce and the monasteries of Aquila, Urbino, Pesaro, Florence, Naples and Volterra. 22 nuns went to reform Monteluce in the 15th century, and one sister, Beatrice of Foligno returned to S. Lucia in 1449. In 1506, Bernardino of Foligno sent Filippa da Todi, Pacifica da Foligno, Christina of Norscia, and Bartolomea of Narni to reform S. Chiara.


Battista da Montefeltro, wife of the lord da Pesaro, was known as Girolama, and was a member of the convent. She was an ascetic, kinew astrology, and wrote poetry which was published at the end of the 15th century. Her daughter Elisabetta, wife of the lord da Camerico.

Early Documents

1476, October 6: Letter from the abbess to B. Seraphina about the indulgence that Pope Sixtus IV had granted to her sisters.

Miscellaneous Information

She gave her books to the monastery. Empty from 1422-25, occupied by 5 vergines of Sulmona later in 1425.

Suzanne Wemple-Kinder
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