S. Giovanni di Paragnano
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Alternate Names
S. Giovanni Battista; S. Lucretiae/Lucrezie (currently)
Date Founded
1362 (circa: some sources give 1389 or 1400)
Date Terminated
Religious Order
Franciscan Tertiaries
Foundation Information

Though the exact foundation date is in dispute, the buildings were erected some time before 1389, probably by the Beata Angelina, with sisters Lucrezia, Caterina, Angelica, and Cecilia of Foligno.

Notable Heads

Lucrezia, daughter of Simone III (Count of Genga) and wife of Count Federici de Marsciano, was the community's first ministra. She was followed by her sister Suor Caterina Zuccano (noted in Papal Bulls of August 19, 1428 [Martin V] and March 2, 1436 [Eugenius]), then by suor Cecilia (see bulls of Eugenius, May 2, 1440, and December 26, 1444).

Incorporated Communities

In 1413, S. Giovanni temporarily took in nuns of Maggiore di Monte Mascarano who were unsatisfied with the community of S. Angelo della Valle into which their community had been incorporated. The nuns of Montesanto eventually rejoined S. Angelo (by then renamed S. Francesco della Valle) in 1433.

Other Ecclesiastical Relations

It is reported that the community united with S. Maria di Montecristo in 1402; however, both communities continue to exist after this date. Needs verification.

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