S. Clara
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S. Clare (needs verification)
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Poor Claresn
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Further information about the foundation of this Clarissen community is needed.

Manuscript Sources

The Staatsbibliothek in Bamberg contains a manuscript from this community, written by Agnes de Mülheim (15th c.), #Lit. 110. The Donaueschingen contains a Paternoster, #298 and a Liber precum (15th c.), #437 from this house. The Augustinian museum in Freiburg in Breisgau contains a Liber precum, Inv. Nr. 11739 and an Officianle (15th c.), owned by Anna Sybotin, Inv. Nr. 11756. The University library in Freiburg in Breisgau preserves two Liber precum(s), #s 29 and 185; a manuscript of the Lignum vitae of Bonaventura (15th c.), #193; a manuscript about Maria Magd. #194; an Andachtsbuch (devotional book) (c. 1487), #253; a Sequentiar. (15ht c.), written by Elsbeth Töpplin, #1131; two Graduals (c. 1491), #1136-1137; and a miscellaneous work, #1138. The Cornell University library in Ithaca, NY contains a De absolutione (c. 1476/88), from the community, #B.20. The Landesbibliothek in Karlsruhe contains a life of S. Clare (c. 1492), written by Magdal. Steimerin and Sibilla von Bondorf, #Tennenb. 4. The British Library in London contains a life of S. Francis from the community, written by Bonaventura, and copied by Sibilla von Bondorff, #Add. 15710. The Staatliches Graph. Sammlung in Munich contains a fragment of the life of S. Clare from this house, #Inv. Nr. 39837/39844. The German National Museum in Nürnberg contains a fragment of a manuscript by Meister Eckhart (14th c.) belonging to the house, #7090/1. The Stiftsbibliothek in St. Paul in Lavanttal contains two manuscripts from the house, # XXV/1, 16 and 2/2. The Stiftsbibliothek of St. Gall likewise preserves three works from the house: a legend of the 10,000 virgins, #591; a life of the elders, #598; and a miscellaneous work, #985, all 15th century.

Secondary Sources
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The extant works from this community's library are quite varied. (see manuscript sources)

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