S. Chiara
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S. Elizabeth of Hungary and S. Francis
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Religious Order
Poor Clares
Foundation Information

Four sisters (Maria, Antonia, Chiara and Giulia) visited Pope Nicholas IV in the convent of the Franciscans in Rieti, asking his permission to retire in the house of Frater Angelo Tancredi. Nicholas consented, giving the supervision of the small community to cardinal bishops Bentivenga di Bentivenghis (bishop of Albano) and Matteo (bishop of Porta), who were members of the Franciscan second order, and who were to be present every third year, when the nuns elected a ministra.

Priveleges & Papal Exemptions

Bull of Urban V (1362) showed that the nuns served the poor and sick. On September 20, 1440, Eugenius IV convirmed all privileges granted by his predecessor, Martin V. In 1572, Gregory XIII ordered that the nuns observe strict claustration.

Dependency Of

Sometime during the first half of the 15th century, the nuns asked the community of S. Anna of Foligno for some sisters to educate the nuns of S. Chiara, and for S. Anna to receive S. Chiara as a dependent. Pius II revoked this privilege in 1461.

Other Ecclesiastical Relations

In 1427, sisters Margherita and Maddalena went to Padova to found the community of S. Antonio.


In 1406, sister Caterina di Lucia Alfani bought a house in Porta Cintra for 12 fiorini.

Art & Artifacts

Several beautiful fifteenth-century paintings.

Secondary Sources

Guida di Rieti, p. 49; Annales minorum, pp 401-402

Suzanne Wemple-Kinder
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