S. Chiara
Community ID
Alternate Names
S. Croce e S. Caterina de Boctacio (before 1492)
Medieval Location
13 miles from Spoleto on a hill known as S. Caterina de Boltaccio
Corporate Status
Clare of Montefalco (after 1492)
Date Founded
Religious Order
Augustinian -- after 1478, the community debated whether to change rules. In 1492, 14 nuns left to join S. Leonardo where they could observe the Franciscan rule. The remaining 3 nuns maintained an Augustinian community under the new name of S. Chiara.
Foundation Information

Bishop Gerardo of Spoleto gave permission to Giovanna di Damiano, sister of S. Clare of Montefalco, to found a monastery. Elswhere it is stated that Cardinals Napoleone Orsini and Pietro and Giacomo Colonna were also instrumental in the community's foundation.

Notable Heads

In 1292, Giovanna (see "Foundation Information") died, and NULL became abbess until her death on August 17, 1308. She extracted a promise from fra Niccolo da Prato, Bishop of Toledo, the he not build churches and monasteries 25 "pertiche" from the community. However, a letter of his to the rector of S. Maria di Turri (Montefalco), dated June 4, 1303, states his intention to build a basilica at Clare's request. Later abbesses include Caterina (1460), who was nominated from the monastery of S. Maria, Agnese Languzio della Stella of Spoleto (1465), Ponziana di Stefano (1470), Innocentia (1473), and Chiara (1475).

Population Counts

9 in 1411; 5 in 1460; 3 in 1492 (see "Rule," above)

Dependency Of

Bishp Bernardo Eruli made the community a dependency of S. Maria della stella (Spoleto) in 1460, but it regained independence in 1478.

Early Documents

1290, June 29: the Bishop of Spoleto concedes the Augustinian rule to the commuity.

Art & Artifacts

The community produced two S. Clare (of Montefalco): one, painted in 1565, hangs in the church of S. Angelo de Gilibertis; the other, finished in the late sixteenth century, is a fresco in the Augustinian church of S. Nicolo.

Suzanne Wemple-Kinder
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