S. Antonio da Padova
Community ID
Alternate Names
S. Antonio da Foligno
Medieval Location
Porta S. Angelo
Date Founded
Religious Order
Franciscan Tertiaries
Folignese (see "Papal Exemptions," below)
Foundation Information

In 1427, the Beata Angelina sent Suor Maddalena Martelluccio of Perugia and Suor Margerita (daughter of messer Onofrio Bartoli) to Perugia, where,with the help of Bartolomeo Massoli, they built the community of S. Antonio.

Notable Members/Residents/Guests

Catherin edei Cordi Ansidei assumed the name Eleanora Maria Angelina when she entered the community in 1847.

Priveleges & Papal Exemptions

1436, July 12: Pope Eugenius IV sent a bull conceding to Suor Elisabetta dell'Aquila the office of Ministra Generale at S. Antonio, as well as the right to live according to the statutes of the Folignese congregation.

Incorporated By

S. Lucia in 1815.

Dependency Of

S. Maria de Monteluce since 1469. Also under the guardianship of the Franciscan fathers as of this date.


In 1490 they were given alms to give to the poor infirm.

Other Economic Activities

The sisters requested alms and grain in 1455, 1458, 1459 and 1461.

Architecture & Archaeology

I 1481 they wanted to build a wall near the fountain, but no to the prejucide of S. Lucia. Again they asked in 1493 to build it up to the street of S. Maria Novella. In 1499 they finally received permission to build a wall so that no one might see them.

Published Primary Sources

Vite de santi e beati dell'Umbria, p. 34;
Bullarium Franciscanum Romanorum Pontificum, vol. 1, nn. 841, 928, 971, 1486, 1666, and 1725

Suzanne Wemple-Kinder
Date Started