S. Angelo di Panzo
Community ID
Alternate Names
S. Angelo de Panco; S. Michele (before 1233)
Medieval Location
On a high mountainous road leading to S. Benedetto al Subasio, 1 km. from town. Moved to the city May 29, 1270, close to the outer wall, in the parish of S. Stephen
Date Founded
1233 or earlier
Religious Order
Benedictine, then Poor Clares
Notable Heads

Abbesses include: Andrea (1403), Fransicha Petri (1413), Antonia Iohannis Putii Raynaldi (1422), Lodovica Iohannios (1433).

Notable Members/Residents/Guests

Both S. Clare and her sister S. Agnes found refuge here.

Population Counts

6 in 1413; 9 in 1424; 11 in 1427; 10 in 1436

Priveleges & Papal Exemptions

1238, December 17: Gregory IX assigns the nuns the rule of S. Damiano; 1318, May 2: John XXII gave the nuns a license to transfer to the city "ad ecclesiam S. Mariam ab ipsis non longe positam."

Incorporated Communities
Relative Wealth

The community was worth 2130 lire in 1354.


At a chapter meeting held in 1427, the nuns complained that the monastery was in great danger of being completely ruined.

Early Documents


Manuscript Sources
Published Primary Sources

Nova vita di S. Francesco di Assisi, vol. I, p. 19, vol. II, pp. 397-402;, vol. III, p. 428;
Bullarium Franciscanum Romanorum Pontificum, vol. I, p. 258;
Assisi, Archivio Comunale, p. 3089;
Vita breve di s. Chiara di Asisi [sic], pp. 19 & 167-71;
Vite de santi e beati dell'Umbria, vol. III, p. 280

Miscellaneous Information

In 1475, Nicolaus Iohannis de Mutina abducted two nuns, Petra of Foligno and Cicilia of Perugia.

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