S. Agnese
Community ID
Alternate Names
S. Agnese delle Vergini
Città di Castello
Città di Castello
Medieval Location
Outside the Porta S. Maria (currently the church of S. Barbara)
Date Founded
1352 (November 20)
Date Terminated
1380-82 (See "Incorporated By," below)
Religious Order
Poor Clares
Foundation Information

Founded by Ser Marco Vanni in a small house.

Notable Heads

Margherita di Altiera, abbess.

Incorporated By

In 1380, the community united with S. Maria de Pupula, and in 1382 their goods were incorporated as well. Some nuns were furious and went ot live with the nuns of S. Maria della Fonte fuori della Porta S. Maria, taking some of the furniture with them. Five nuns were found guilty.

Relative Wealth

Much land and money was left to the community.

Early Documents

April 29, 1353: Community sells various land and houses in the district of Perugia in the villa at the Taulerio Hill.

Secondary Sources
Suzanne Wemple-Kinder
Date Started
Date Finished