Community ID
near Reutlingen
Date Founded
Religious Order
S. Clare
Foundation Information

The foundation account, composed by an anonymous sister of this community circa 1525, ascribed the community's foundation to two noble women, Mechthildt and Irmel von Pfullingen of the family of Rempen. According to this account, the two women used their own property along with alms to found the convent. (The first donation was a little lamb that gave birth to the community's entire herd.) The two founders traveled to Rome in order to obtain permission to incorporate their new house into the order of Poor Clares. Afterward, they entered the Clarissan order on St. Otmar's day, 1252.

Population Counts

According to the chronicle composed circa 1525, no more than 214 women had dwelt in the community (and died there) prior to its reformation in 1461. However, the chronicler admitted that the sisters knew of more whose names had not been recorded, and so the total was not correct. This chronicle refers to a necrology written in 1400. Since the community's reform in 1461, the chronicler listed ninety-five sisters who had died.

Social Characteristics

The regulations from this community stated that girls under the age of fifteen and women over the age of forty-six should not be accepted.

Relative Wealth

The convent's property and wealth suffered due to military campaigns in the region in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries. The chronicle from this house recounts how the sisters hid property from the soldiers by placing it under the benches in the refectory and standing before them in order to cover the hidden items with their cloaks.

Literary Works

A chronicle composed by an anonymous sister of this community recorded the reform of Brixen and the transfer of nuns from this house, led by Abbess Koler of Nuremberg, to their own community of Pfullingen.