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Alternate Names
Vallis beatae mariae virginis, Glindfeld, Neu-Kuestelberg
Cologne, now Paderborn
Medieval Location
Modern Location
Niesing; in the district of Brilon
S. Mary, S. Laurentius
Date Founded
1177 or earlier
Date Terminated
1499 switched to a male crusading order; final dissoulution 1804
Religious Order
Foundation Information

The convent was originally founded before 1177 in Kuestelberg and moved to Brilon in 1196. In 1196 the convent merged(?) with the Premonstratensian convent of Bredelar.

Literary Works

A chronicle from this house is extant.

Manuscript Sources

Several works from the convent's library are still extant. The Staatsbibliothek Preußischer Kulturbesitz in Berlin contains a Prognosticon, circa twelfth-thirteenth century, #Theol. lat. 8o170, a work of Notae et serm., fourteenth century, #Lat. 8o450, and a Flores psalter, circa thirteenth century, #Lat. 8o451. The Humboldt University library in Berlin has two miscellaneous works from the fifteenth century, both sine numero. The Public Library in Boston has a Decretal of Innocent III, circa 1448, from the convent, #13 (G. 401.12), De Ricci 2, 919. The Landesbibliothek in Darmstadt preserves several manuscripts, including four Bibles, # 824, 825, 1993, 1994; a Testam. vet., circa 1200, #826; a Lect. , circa 1320, #846; two Breviaries, #1012 and 1098; a Liber ordinarius, circa fourteenth century, #1107; Hieronymous, eleventh-twelfth century, #1991; Clementinae cum app. John. Anreae, 1470, #2195; In Cant. cant. by Stephen Langton, circa twelfth century, #2484; Office of S. Agatha, circa 1400, #3110. The Meryseyside County Museums in Liverpool possesses the Mayer Collection 12037, which contains works from this community. John Rylands University Library in Manchester contains a work of sermons, #Lat. 379 from the convent. The Bodlien library in Oxford has two works: one by Hugo de s. Victore, circa 1238, #Lat. th.e. 5 (SC30071) and a Breviary, circa 1463/4, #Canon. lit. 286. The Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris contains a calendar from the community, # Nouv. acq. lat.1749, and The Catholic University Library in Washington, DC holds a Leg. ss, written in 1460, #112227, De Ricci 1, 457 Nr. 141.

Miscellaneous Information

The archives for the community are in the Staatarchiv in Münster.

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June Mecham
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This community may be the same as Bredelar See Bredelar. It is unclear whether the two communties are the same or merged together in 1196.

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