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Alternate Names
Marienbrink auf dem Klinkenberg, Collis Mariae, das groesste Suesternhaus
Modern Location
S. Mary
Date Founded
Date Terminated
1810, July
Religious Order
Foundation Information

Further information about the foundation of this community of Augustinian women is necessary.

Manuscript Sources

The community archives are in the archive in Coesfeld. These include MS 140, MS 255, libellus, and MS 256, the rule for the house. The Staatsbibliothek Preußischer Kulturbesitz preserves a life of S. Augustine from the community, #Germ. 4o1101 and another manuscript, #Lat. 8o375. The Deutsche Staatsbibliothek in Berlin presumably possesses a Life of Christ, circa fifteenth century, from the convent, #Diez. C 2o76. The Staatsbibliothek of Bremen possesses a manuscript from the community, #a 244. Harvard University Library preserves a copy of Thomas Aquinas, circa 1508, from the convent, #f MS Lat. 245 (Phil. 693). The Newberry Library in Chicago possesses the Parables of Bernard of Clairveaux from the fifteenth century, in the Ayer Collection, 53, De Ricci 1, 608 f. The Library of Charles E. Roseman Jr. in Cleveland Heights, OH contains a psalter from the community, fifteenth century, #De Ricci 2, 1959. The Stadtbibliothek in Dortmund contains a coppy of Augustine's De dilect. dei, dating from the fifteenth century, #188 (Phill. 562). The university library in Düsseldorf preserves a copy of Bede, # A 17, of Richard de S. Victore, De Cant. cant., 1426, #B 30b, and of the Rule of Basil, fifteenth century, #C 103. The Stadtarchiv in Cologne contains a copy of Bernard of Clairveaux, fifteenth century, #W 376. A Passionale from the fifteenth century is possessed by the British Library, #Add. 15457. A copy of De vitis patrum, from the fifteenth century, belonging to the convent is found in The Honnold library at the Claremont College in Los Angeles, CA, #Burton 1 (Phill. 449). The Generalvikariatsarchiv in Münster possess a copy of the Augustinian rule from the convent, 1445, #222. The Bodlien library in Oxford possesses a copy of the Dialectics by Gregorius M., fifteenth century, #Roxbourne R. 1531 (84.1) (Phill. 561). The Herzog August Bibliothek in Wolfenbüttel contians several manuscripts from the community, including a Guil. Peraldus, c. 1427, #, a copy of Lactantius, fifteenth century, #56. Gud lat. 2o (4360); De vita philosoph, fifteenth century, #90/91. Gud. lat. 2o (4394/95); a copy of Seneca from the thirteenth century, #168. Gud. lat. 4o (4472); and a copy of the life of S. Bernhard, fifteenth century, #204. Gud. lat. 4o. Kramer lists five additional manuscripts from this community, whose present location is unknown.

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