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Alternate Names
Klösterle in Schönthal
Medieval Location
Modern Location
On the present island in the Schönthal of Aschaffenberg.
Date Founded
1494 or earlier
Date Terminated
1552 (circa)
Foundation Information

According to Link, this community was founded by the city mayor of Aschaffenberg, Hans von Gonsrode, who summoned "black" Beguines from Gelnhausen. The Beguines appear to be engaged in active work in their community in Aschaffenberg by 1494. Hans provided the Beguines with a house and a farm, located between the old city wall and the "animal-garden" (Link, 614). The community stood on the present island in the Schönthal.


The major-domo of the electoral prince, Albert, named Kasper from Schulenberg, acted as patron and protector of the community. In 1528 the electoral prince Albert established a church with three-naves and five altars and a larger house for the care of pilgrims at the community. However, the political and religious situation of the period prevented the full realization of Albert's plans, and the windows for the five altars had to be sold to cover some of the debts of the prince.


According to Link, the Beguines cared for the sick and for the altar of the neighboring "Sandkapelle" which served the spiritual needs of the community, and assisted in the mortuary and in funeral processions (Link, 614).

State Of Medieval Structure

According to Link, (circa 1873) the cellar steps of this former Beguine house were still visible.

Secondary Sources
Miscellaneous Information

The city built a house for poor and sick pilgrims next to the Beguines' house. During the religious wars, the Beguines faced plunderers in search of the reported riches of the house. As the Beguines of this community had little to offer, they were mistreated and eventually martyred. The community presumably dissolved at this time.

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