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Alternate Names
Carlsburg; S. Maria in Karloburg (823); capella S. Gertrudis collegiata (1336?); Karlburg am Main; Ad lapidum fluminis
Medieval Location
On the left bank of the Main River in Karlstadt.
Modern Location
In the governmental district of Unterfranken.
Blessed Virgin Mary (?)
Date Founded
Date Terminated
1350 (circa)
Religious Order
Benedictine (needs verification)
Foundation Information

This community may have been established in the eighth century as a chapter of canonesses. According to the confirmation charter of King Arnulf, Karlmann gave Karlsburg to the newly-established episcopacy of Würzburg, which S. Burkard then granted to Irmena (Immena or Emma) for the establishment of a female house dedicated to S. Mary (Link, 564). A document of December 19, 823 by King Ludwig confirmed the gifts of his predecessors Karlmann and Pipin in the episcopacy of Würzburg, including the "monasterium" of S. Maria in Karloburg (Link, 565).

First Members

Irmena: Irmena was the neice of the Frankish noble Gosbert and Gailana as well as the daughter and heiress of Duke Hedan. She joined the convent circa 741 and died on December 10, 750.

Notable Members/Residents/Guests

S. Gertraud, sister of Charlemagne, was a sister of the Karlsburg convent.

State Of Medieval Structure

According to Link, circa 1876 the ruins of the convent were still visible along the left bank of the Main River in Karlstadt.


In the Middle Ages the convent was a pilgrimage site. The parish church of Karleburg contains the hair of S. Gertraud, sister of Charlemagne and a sister of Karlsburg (Link, 566).

Manuscript Sources

The following works may have belonged to this house: a manuscript of Caes. Arelat., Homilies, (9th c.), written by Reginmaar, in the Landesbibliothek in Karlsruhe, #K. 340 (Durl. 36). Bede's In epp. canon., (9th c.), in the Bodlein Library, Oxford, #Laud. misc. 442 (SC 880). A manuscript of ninth-century penitentials, in the National Library in Vienna, #2223. A manuscript of "Canones concil.," (9th c.), in the University Library in Würzburg, #M. p.th.f. 146, and a manuscript of Alcuin's De virtut. (9th c.), #M.p.th.f. 175.

Miscellaneous Information

Sources differ over the exact dissolution date for this convent. After 1350 it is no longer mentioned in descriptions of the diocese.

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