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786 or before
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1066 or before
Art & Artifacts

Fabric from the pre-conquest period is preserved at St. Andrew's in Corbridge.

Architecture & Archaeology

The nave walls and the original West church of St. Andrew's church at Corbridge date to the seventh century and the west tower dates to the late Anglo-Saxon period.

Published Primary Sources
Secondary Sources

Anglo-Saxon Architecture, vol. 1, 172-176.
Veiled Women, vol. 1, and vol. 2, 67-70.

Miscellaneous Information

In Historia regum, Simeon of Durham mentions an eighth century religious community at Corbridge. The only reference that religious women resided at this community comes from a poem by Warner of Rouen about a man who is sold to the community as a slave (). The poem is satire and while arguments have been made for its setting as Corbridge, Foot offers evidence that places those arguments in doubt (Veiled Women, vol. 2, 68-70).

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