Community ID
Date Founded
900 - 950 or before
Date Terminated
1066 or earlier
Notable Members/Residents/Guests

Aelthelthryth may have been an abbess of the community or of Nunnaminster (Wessex and England from Alfred to Edgar : Six Essays on Political, Cultural, and Ecclesiastical Revival). Foot sees this as dubious (Veiled Women, vol. 2, 36-37.

Secular Political Affiliations

The land at Bedwyn was in royal hands by 1066 Domesday Book: a survey of the counties of England I, fo. 64 vb).


A nunne, Aelthelthryth, witnessed the manumission of a woman connected with Bedwyn.

Miscellaneous Information

The community at Bedwyn has been thought to include women only because a nunne witnessed a transaction relating to Bedwyn. Foot questions the interpretation of the evidence, noting that this witness, Aethelthryth, could have been a single vowess living next to the male community or she could have had no connection at all(Veiled Women, 36-37).

Ruth Robbins
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