Wienhausen, western range (south facade)
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Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)
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Wienhausen, western range (south facade)

A view of the medieval structure forming the west wing of the convent complex. Work was begun on this portion of the convent in 1308. This wing comprises a long building with three floors. The gabled facade, facing south, provided the model for the gabled facade on the nuns' choir, built approximately twenty years later. See Wienhausen, exterior view of nuns' choir The front of the building (facing west) is decorated with a system of blind pointed arches and a small staircase tower. See Wienhausen, western range

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Brick Gothic
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Historical Context

This building is the earliest surviving portion of the medieval structure. The west wing was begun in 1308. A painting of the wing's dedication, located on the interior on the second floor, portrays Abbess Margareta and Provost Dietrich donating the newly-built wing to the Virgin and child. An image of the foundress, Agnes of Landsberg, stands to the right of the abbess and provost, offering the convent church to the Virgin.

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Descriptive Notes

The interior of the buiding has been altered several times since its construction. Presumably the ground floor of this wing was used to house secular guests in the convent. The upper floor had a heated floor and served as the medieval winter refectory. An archive (armarium) stood on the second floor next to the refectory in the southern corner of the building. The top floor was used for the storage of grain.

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June Mecham

Abbess Renate von Randow; Wolfgang Brandis

Image of Wienhausen, western range (south facade).