Wienhausen, S. Thomas embroidery
Original Country
Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)
the nuns of Wienhausen
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Wienhausen, S. Thomas embroidery

This image depicts a portion of the larger embroidery of the life and miracles of S. Thomas, based on the "Golden Legend."

Creation Date
circa 1410
Work Type
2.05 x 4.45 meters
Format Medium

wool and linen; woolen embroidery in the convent stitch on linen backing

Original Location


Historical Context

This embroidery depicted the life and miracles of the Apostle Thomas, according to the "Golden Legend" (Legenda aurea). According to this tale, Thomas traveled to India as a missionary. See Kloster Wienhausen: Die Bildteppiche.

Descriptive Notes

This image depicts the left-hand portion of the embroidery. Depicted in the top row from left to right are: doubting Thomas touching Christ's wound and Christ sending Thomas to India.
In the center row is depicted the king of India, who conveyed his wealth to Thomas, thinking that Thomas was an architect who would build him an elaborate new palace.
In the bottom row are depicted the death of the king's brother and his resurrection by Thomas; the king's brother then shows the king the elaborate palace that Thomas has built for him not on earth but in heaven (not pictured here). The left hand border depicts a dragon, a woman beating flax, and a woman spinning. At the bottom of the embroidery appear the heraldic shields of the Dukes of Wolgast, a dog, donkey, and ape.

Current Repository


Photo Credit
Praun Kunstverlag, Munich

Abbess Renate von Randow; Wolfgang Brandis

Image of Wienhausen, S. Thomas embroidery.