Wienhausen, Responsorial, detail of the Arisen Christ
Original Country
Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)
nuns of Wienhausen
Sorting Title
Wienhausen, Responsorial, detail of the Arisen Christ

A more detailed view of the image of the Arisen Christ from page 6 recto of the Wienhausen Responsorial.

Creation Date
post 1476
Style Genre
late Gothic
Work Type
Format Medium

gold and pigment on vellum; illumination

Original Location


Historical Context

This responsorial was created after the convent's internal reform in 1469. According to Uhde-Stahl, the late date of the manuscript (after 1476) but the iconographically earlier images indicates that the manuscript may have been produced by older nuns who adhered to older artistic styles (Uhde-Stahl, 50). See Figürliche Buchmalereien in den spätmittelalterlichen Handschriften der Lüneburger Frauenklöster.

Descriptive Notes

The image at the top of the page depicts the Arisen Christ emerging from his tomb. The iconography of this image, created by the nuns of this community, recalls the iconography based on the convent's statue of the Arisen Christ, which appears in numerous media throughout the ages within the convent. (See Related Works). He emerges from the tomb with one leg in the foreground. Three sleeping guards are depicted in front of the tomb. Christ holds a banner; on his left appears a single angel. The text band states: "To me is given all power in you" (Data est mihi omnis potestas in te).

Current Repository


Repository Number
Handschrift 29
Photo Credit
Kloster Wienhausen

Abbess Renate von Randow; Wolfgang Brandis

Image of Wienhausen, Responsorial, detail of the Arisen Christ.