Wienhausen, Man of Sorrows
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Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)
nuns of Wienhausen
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Wienhausen, Man of Sorrows

This paper-mâche medallion depicts the figure of Christ as the Man of Sorrows surrounded by the figures of Mary and John. An emphasis on Christ's holy blood in this image is indicated by the red droplets colored onto the torso of Christ and the wounds of his hands, indicated as red stars. The form of the object itself, i.e. as a coin or medallion, may have recalled the host.

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Paper; colored paper-mâche

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Historical Context

The fifteenth century nuns of Wienhausen created several paper-mâche images. The creation of such devotional images by the nuns themselves is supported by the preservation of a recipe for such images formed from paper from the convent of S. Katharinenkloster , dating from the year 1510. The depiction of Christ as the Man of Sorrows placed emphasis on his human suffering and blood, two important devotional themes of the later medieval period.

Descriptive Notes

This is one of the devotional images found beneath the floorboards of the nuns' choir in Wienhausen in 1953. Several such images created from paper-mâche were recovered, depicting Christ as the Man of Sorrows, Christ surrounded by the arma Christi, Christ emerging from his tomb, Christ in profile, the coronation of the Virgin, and the five wounds of Christ. See Kloster Wienhausen: Der Fund vom Nonnenchor

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Kloster Wienhausen

Abbess Renate von Randow; Wolfgang Brandis

Image of Wienhausen, Man of Sorrows.