Wienhausen, Madonna with Christ child
Original Country
Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)
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Wienhausen, Madonna with Christ child

This sculpture depict the Virgin Mary with the Christ child. The Virgin may have held a scepter in her right hand originally.

Creation Date
circa 1280/90
80.5 x 29.5 x 26 (Mary); total height 89 cm
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Historical Context

This sculpture of the Madonna with Child was created in the thirteenth century. It may have been created by the same L√ľneburg workshop as Wienhausen, Arisen Christ (statue). Originally, the virgin would have worn a crown. Wear on the sculpture's head suggests that different crowns may have been alternated during the liturgical year and that Mary may have also worn some type of veil. The statue may have also been dressed in different robes during the liturgical year, such as Wienhausen, robe for statueWienhausen, robe for statue. The hair of both figures was gilded originally and has been renewed at least once.

Related Work

Same workshop; belonging to the convent of Wienhausen; robes; Wienhausen, Arisen Christ (statue)Wienhausen, robe for statueWienhausen, robe for statue

Descriptive Notes

The Virgin is seated on a throne, which remains only partially in tact. She holds the Christ child on her lap. The sculpture depicts an affectionate relationship between mother and child. The Christ child places one hand on the Virgin's chest and holds an orb in the other. A precious stone originally was attached to his breast. No relics were kept in this figure. Like the statue of the Arisen Christ, this figure may have been used in processions. Damage from heat also suggests that candles burned before the figure.

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Photo Credit
Praun Kunstverlag, Munich

Abbess Renate von Randow; Wolfgang Brandis

Image of Wienhausen, Madonna with Christ child.