S. Giacomo di Rialto (San Giacometto di Rialto)
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S. Giacomo di Rialto (San Giacometto di Rialto)
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Venice, Italy

Historical Context

This church, on the west bank of Venice's Grand Canal, is said to be the oldest parish foundation in the city, established in 421. It may have been rebuilt by Doge Domenico Selva (1071-84), contemporary with the Rialto market. The building, as it exists today, was probably built in 1152 (consecrated in 1177 by Doge Ziani) and partially rebuilt in 1531 and in 1601. It survived the famous 1514 fire at Rialto. During the later Middle Ages, a pinzochere (lay woman devoted to the religious life) would gather with like-minded women on this porch and others like it, for lack of a more formal space for their activities.

Descriptive Notes

The church's Gothic timbered portico is supported by five stone columns and carved capitals. It is divided into three aisles by two bays. The church is based on a free Greek-cross plan with a slightly protruding transcept and is crowned with a 16th-century central dome. The dome is supported by six columns and 11th-century capitals from reused Greek marble.

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Venice, Italy

Image of S. Giacomo di Rialto (San Giacometto di Rialto).