Rothschild Canticles (f. 11r): The hermit who counted his footsteps
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Rothschild Canticles (f. 11r): The hermit who counted his footsteps

Description: A bearded and hooded hermit holds a jar over his head as he steps over rough ground. To the left is a Gothic entrance and to his right two ladies gesture at him.

Interpretation: The image illustrates the virtue of patience.

Creation Date
c. 1300
Style Genre
Work Type
ca. 118 x 84 mm
Format Medium


Original Location

Flanders or Upper Rhineland

Related Work

Illustrations of the Vitae Patrum, lives of the desert fathers, or ascetic lives of hermit saints. The illustrations are unaccompanied by text, but serve as reminders to readers of the arduous nature of the contemplative ascent. There are 23 drawings scattered on the reverse folios left blank during the construction of the manuscript.
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Collection of William Alexander Douglas, Duke of Hamilton and Brandon.
Reverend Walter Sneyd, gift from Douglas in 1856.
Sotheby, sold 16 December 1903, no.513 Bernard Quaritch, London.
Collection of Edmond de Rothschild, MS 98, sold 24 June 1968 no.1 in Paris, Palais GalliƩra.
Acquired from H.P. Kraus in 1968 as the gift of Edwin J. Beinecke.

Current Repository

Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University

Repository Number
MS 404
Image of Rothschild Canticles (f. 11r): The hermit who counted his footsteps.