Reliquary of St. Elizabeth
Original Country
Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palantine)
Sorting Title
Reliquary of St. Elizabeth, front

Description: Reliquary casket of St. Elizabeth in cathedral shape. Under the largest, central gable a cross-nimbed Christ sits with his right hand raised in benediction and his left holds a jeweled book. Christ is flanked by Peter sitting on his right and Paul sitting on his left. Beside Paul is James the Younger, the Brother of Jesus, then Matthias. The two apostles beside Peter are unidentified.
Reliefs on the roof of the reliquary illustrate the charitable deeds of S.Elizabeth.
The inscription along the gables reads: to heaven, sitting at the right hand of God, the Father Almighty, from whence he shall come to judge the living and the dead."

On the end is the enthroned and crowned Virgin with the Christ Child in her lap.

Creation Date
first half of 13th c.
Style Genre
Work Type
Format Medium

Fire gilt oak wood with stamped images and relief figures. Semi-precious stones, glass, pearls, mother of pearl, copper, silver.

Original Location

Marburg: Church of St. Elizabeth

Specific Location

high altar, positioned along the east-west axis

Current Repository

Marburg: Church of St. Elizabeth

Image Source
Index of Christian Art
Photo Repo Number
50 M3296 ChEl C8,1 B 026973
Lisa Tom
Image of Reliquary of St. Elizabeth.