Quedlinburg, S. Servatius
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Sachsen-Anhalt (Saxony-Anhalt)
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Quedlinburg, S. Servatius

A view of the church of S. Servatius from Quedlinburg, taken from behind the eastern apse.

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968-999; c. 1070-1129
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The church of Saint Servatius underwent four building phases over the course of the tenth and eleventh centuries. Already by 936 there existed a small chapel constructed of three aisles (structure I). This was expanded by Queen Mathilde. The chapel was extended to the west; the eastern portion of the building lay a bit higher and served as the sanctuary and choir for the canonesses. This building (structure II) was completed circa 968. Another building phase took place under Abbess Mathilde (966-999). The church consisted of a three-aisled nave, which was consecrated in 1021 (structure III). Abbess Adelheid (999-1045) continued construction of this church, adding a crypt. Under this abbess the two western vaults were completed, along with the pillars which support them. The buildings, however, succumbed to a fire in 1070. The church was rebuilt in the eleventh century and completed circa 1129 (structure IV). It is this fourth phase of building which still exists today; little of the previous structures are evident. The church has two towers on the West; of all the structures of Saint Servatius, it is these two towers which have been altered the most over the centuries.

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June Mecham
Image of Quedlinburg, S. Servatius.