La Sainte Abbaye, f. 6v
Original Country
Unknown, though there appears to be two different hands.
Sorting Title
La Sainte Abbaye

A mass and a procession. Above, a Mass attended by officers of a nunnery inside a church. On the right, a priest, in chasuble, at the altar, with deacon, abbess with book and crozier, and nuns, including the sacristan pulling the bell ropes. Below, a procession led by a clerk carrying a processional cross, followed by a priest, nuns, two with open books, and the abbess with book and crozier. For more information, see "> British Library.

Creation Date
Style Genre
Medieval Illuminated Manuscript
Work Type
10" x 7 1/4"
Format Medium

Painting on vellum

Original Location

Executed in France, Paris or Maubuisson?

Historical Context

The contents of this manuscript include: (1) Treatise without title, beg. "La sainte abbaie et la religion doit estre fondee esperituelment," ends "et einsi sera labbaie ordenee et renformee comme deuant." (2) Treatise on the Love of God. (3) Treatise on the state of the soul. (4) Anonymous translation of the Traetatus de Tribulatione, doubtfully ascribed to Peter of Blois.

Related Work

Originally a part of the volume MS. 28162, which contains La Somme le Roy.


The signature "Jacques" (16th century) appears in the manuscript (ff. 1,6,29,52 as in 28162) but this owner has not been identified. Subsequent owners: "P. Ponin, presbitere," 16th century (MS. 28162, f. 2); "Peyrat," 17th cent. (ibid. ff. 1, 146).

Descriptive Notes

Double columns of 28 lines, gatherings of 8 leaves. There are four full pages of miniatures, the fourth page is attributed to a second artist who appears to have also authored MS. 28162.

Current Repository

The British Library,London

Repository Number
Yates Thompson MS.11, f. 6v
British Library

Reproduced with the permission of the British Library.

Image of La Sainte Abbaye, f. 6v.