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Title Centurysort ascending Community Work Type
[No Title] 15-16th S. Anna
Abraham and his niece Maria 15
S. Magdalena, exterior 14th, 16th
S. Magdalena, courtyard 14th, 16th
Pedralbes Monastery, cloister (view 2) 14th, 15th
Pedralbes, chapter house (detail) 14th, 15th series
Pedralbes Monastery, cloister (view 1) 14th, 15th
Pedralbes Monastery, exterior 14th, 15th
Rothschild Canticles (f. 7r): Seven Liberal Arts (Music, Logic, and Rhetoric) 14th dissertation/thesis
Wienhausen, Nuns' choir detail of the three Marys at Christ's tomb 14th manuscript
Rothschild Canticles (f. 128r): Man and woman in conversation (De quattuor affectionibus) 14th dissertation/thesis
Rothschild Canticles (f. 4r): Paul, the first hermit, John, and the lion 14th dissertation/thesis
Wienhausen, Arisen Christ (devotional image) 14th
Rothschild Canticles (f. 6v): Seven Liberal Arts (Grammar, Astronomy, Arithmetic, and Geometry) 14th dissertation/thesis
Wienhausen, Nuns' choir 14th manuscript
Rothschild Canticles (f. 116r): Hermit avoids touching his mother while helping her ford a stream 14th dissertation/thesis
[No Title] 14th article or essay
Rothschild Canticles (f.1v): Macarius and the angel on earth 14th dissertation/thesis
Rothschild Canticles (f. 2v): John Colobos watering the dry stock 14th dissertation/thesis
Rothschild Canticles (f. 48r): Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple 14th dissertation/thesis
Wienhausen, altar cloth 14th website
Rothschild Canticles (f. 149r): Heb. 12.11. Flagellant kneeling at altar; Heb. 12.13. Man with crutch addressed by Christ 14th dissertation/thesis
[No Title] 14th article or essay
[No Title] 14th
Rothschild Canticles (f. 150r): Hermit with the couple who sinned in his cell (?) 14th dissertation/thesis
Rothschild Canticles (f. 5r): Palma contemplationis 14th dissertation/thesis
Rothschild Canticles (f. 148v): Heb. 11.1. Two seated prophets pointing to clouds; Heb. 12.6. Man pulling at hood of seated monk 14th dissertation/thesis
Rothschild Canticles (f. 11r): The hermit who counted his footsteps 14th dissertation/thesis
Wienhausen, western range (south facade) 14th
Rothschild Canticles (f. 50r): Mary on Mount Sion 14th dissertation/thesis
Rothschild Canticles (f. 148r): Eccles. 6.1. Man taking food from table of another; Eccles. 8.1. Teacher seated at desk reading to pupil 14th dissertation/thesis
Caterina da Siena, Vanna and Daniela da Orvito, Giovanna da Orvieto, Giovanna da Firenze e Margherita da Citta’ di Castello 14th article or essay
Rothschild Canticles (f. 53r): Hermits ringing the monastery bell 14th dissertation/thesis
Wienhausen, exterior view of nuns' choir 14th
Scenes from the life of S.Clare of Montefalco and S.Catherine 14th S. Chiara manuscript
Rothschild Canticles (f. 64r): Mary as the Mulier amicta sole 14th dissertation/thesis
Wienhausen, Veronica 14th
Rothschild Canticles (f. 146r): Eccles. 4:1. Man and woman mourning a corpse 14th dissertation/thesis
Rothschild Canticles (f. 3r): A hermit sustained by an angel 14th dissertation/thesis
Wienhausen, Lectern cover of crucifixion and Arisen Christ 14th website
S.Clare of Montefalco Receiving the Cross 14th S. Chiara manuscript
Rothschild Canticles (f. 61r): Mary as the Sedes sapientiae 14th dissertation/thesis
Wienhausen, Tristan embroidery 14th website
Rothschild Canticles (f. 145r): Eccles. 2.16. Two coffins with crosses on the palls and two candles 14th dissertation/thesis
Rothschild Canticles (f. 8r): Hermit playing the fool 14th dissertation/thesis
[No Title] 14th S. Chiara
Rothschild Canticles (f. 57r): Mary as a palm tree 14th dissertation/thesis
Rothschild Canticles (f. 126v): Bernard observing man playing at dice (De accidia) 14th dissertation/thesis
S. Margherita 14th
Christ and John the Evangelist, Hermetschwil 14th