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Title Centurysort descending Community Work Type
Wienhausen, Christ crucified surrounded by the virtues 14th series
Rothschild Canticles (f. 120): Excerpt from an unidentified Florilegium 14th dissertation/thesis
Ebstorf, Arisen Christ 14th
Rothschild Canticles (f. 102r): Trinity 14th dissertation/thesis
Crucifix 14th S. Anna
Isenhagen, storehouse 14th
Rothschild Canticles (f. 133r): Seated man addressing two women 14th dissertation/thesis
Wienhausen, Christ's entry to Jerusalem 14th series
Rothschild Canticles (f. 52r): Simeon Stylites and the king of the Saracens 14th edition of text (pub. primary source)
Rothschild Canticles (f. 100r): Trinity 14th dissertation/thesis
First steps of the Virgin Mary with St. Anne, Kariye Camii 14th bibliography
Allegory of the Cross 14th S. Anna manuscript
Isenhagen, church tower 14th
Rothschild Canticles (f. 116v): Monk rejoices in losing an eye; two monks in conversation 14th dissertation/thesis
Rothschild Canticles (f. 3v): Silvanus watering the garden 14th dissertation/thesis
Ebstorf Brewery (side) 14th
Rothschild Canticles (f. 23r): Sponsa fleeing from Christ as he descends into the garden; the Sponsa blackened by sin; Christ with a pruning knife 14th dissertation/thesis
Isenhagen 14th
Rothschild Canticles (f. 113v): Man with giant feet; Man with horse's hooves; Sciopod 14th dissertation/thesis
S. Chiara 14th manuscript
[No Title] 14th S. Chiara
Wienhausen, Nuns' choir sacrifice of Jacob by Isaac 14th manuscript
Rothschild Canticles (f. 9r): The seven crowns of obedience 14th dissertation/thesis
Ebstorf brewery 14th
Rothschild Canticles (f. 30r): Souls dancing in heaven; Wise and Foolish Virgins 14th dissertation/thesis
Rothschild Canticles (f. 128r): Man and woman in conversation (De quattuor affectionibus) 14th dissertation/thesis
Wienhausen, Dedication mural 14th manuscript
Santa Margherita 14th
Rothschild Canticles (f. 4r): Paul, the first hermit, John, and the lion 14th dissertation/thesis
Ebstorf church (detail) 14th
Rothschild Canticles (f. 7r): Seven Liberal Arts (Music, Logic, and Rhetoric) 14th dissertation/thesis
Rothschild Canticles (f. 116r): Hermit avoids touching his mother while helping her ford a stream 14th dissertation/thesis
Wienhausen, Nuns' choir detail of doubting Thomas 14th manuscript
Rothschild Canticles (f.1v): Macarius and the angel on earth 14th dissertation/thesis
Ebstorf, church and bell tower 14th
Rothschild Canticles (f. 6v): Seven Liberal Arts (Grammar, Astronomy, Arithmetic, and Geometry) 14th dissertation/thesis
Rothschild Canticles (f. 149r): Heb. 12.11. Flagellant kneeling at altar; Heb. 12.13. Man with crutch addressed by Christ 14th dissertation/thesis
[No Title] 14th S. Chiara manuscript
Wienhausen, Nuns' choir detail of the Egyptians drowning in the red sea 14th manuscript
Rothschild Canticles (f. 2v): John Colobos watering the dry stock 14th dissertation/thesis
Rothschild Canticles (f. 48r): Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple 14th dissertation/thesis
Rothschild Canticles (f. 148v): Heb. 11.1. Two seated prophets pointing to clouds; Heb. 12.6. Man pulling at hood of seated monk 14th dissertation/thesis
Wienhausen, Nuns' choir detail of a youthful Christ with Mary 14th manuscript
Tomb of S. Margherita 14th
Rothschild Canticles (f. 150r): Hermit with the couple who sinned in his cell (?) 14th dissertation/thesis
Rothschild Canticles (f. 5r): Palma contemplationis 14th dissertation/thesis
Rothschild Canticles (f. 148r): Eccles. 6.1. Man taking food from table of another; Eccles. 8.1. Teacher seated at desk reading to pupil 14th dissertation/thesis
Wienhausen, western range 14th
Wienhausen, Nuns' choir detail of Christ as the heavenly bridegroom 14th manuscript
Beata Margherita with Eight Scenes from Her Life 14th article or essay