Brakel and New York Cloisters Hanging
Original Country
Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)
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Brakel and New York Cloisters Hanging

Description: The extant work consists of two fragments from a hanging: the first part in New York, Cloisters and the second part formerly in a church in Brakel. It was possibly originally used as a wall hanging.

In the top and bottom zones, appear various clerical figures. In the central zones, Biblical narratives appear in scenes enclosed in quatrefoils, surrounded by floral, foliate, and geomatric decorations.

Zone 1: Two shields, Adrian of Nicodemia, Eustace of Rome, George of Cappadoccia, Maurice of Agaunum, Acacius of Sebaste, Denis of Paris, and Vincent of Saragossa.
Destroyed portions: Lawrence of Rome, Stephen Protomartyr, S. James the Major, Two angels flanking Christ, S. Peter, S. Paul, Other Saints and Apostles.

Zone 2: Aaron and the Blossoming Rod, Gideon and the Fleece, Annunciation, Ezekiel before the Porta Clausa, Moses and the Burning Bush, and The Nativity.
Destroyed portions: Prophecy of Sibyl(?), Adoration of the Magi, Samuel brought to Eli, Presentation of Christ.

Zone 3: Glorification of David, Christ's Entry into Jerusalem, Abraham sacrificing Isaac, and Christ bearing the Cross.
Destroyed Portion: Abraham sacrificing Isaac, Crucifixion, Jonah Cast up, Entombment of Christ.

Zone 4: Moses Receiving the Law, Pentecost, Moses smiting the Rock, Gregory the Great celebrating Mass.
Destroyed Portion: Esther before Ahasuerus, Vashti deposed, Coronation of the Virgin Mary, Jacob's Dream, Consecration of Church.

Zone 5 (not shown): Two shields, Dominic of Bologna, Francis of Assisi, Benedict of Montecassino, Anthony Abbot the Great, Epiphanius of Pavia, Files of Provence, Bernward of Hildesheim, and Godehardus of Hildesheim.

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linen, weaving and embroidery
h.154cm, w.156cm (New York, Cloisters)
h.140cm, w.153cm (Brakel, Church)


Sigmaringen: Hohenzollern Collection
New York: Crane Collection

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Dispersed (see specific fragments)

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Index of Christian Art
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80 B7314 Ch H2,1 130876
Lisa Tom
Image of Brakel and New York Cloisters Hanging.