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minne du gewaltige kellerin: On the Nature of minne in Mechthild of Magdeburg's fließendes licht der gottheit
Monastery of Abingdon, in Berkshire
Monastery of Binham, in Norfolk, a Cell to the Abbey of St. Alban
Monastery of Burton Upon Trent, in Staffordshire
Monastery of Clynnock Vaur, in Caernarvonshire
Monastery of East Dereham, in Norfolk
Monastery of Ely, in Cambridgeshire
Monastery of Finchale upon the Wear, near Durham
Monastery of St. Augustine in Canterbury.
Monastery of St. John of Beverley, in Yorkshire
Monastery of St. Mary De Pree, De la Praye, De Prato, or De Pratis, near St. Albans, in Hertfordshire
Monastery of St. Peter Gloucester
Monastery of Wymondham, or Windham, in Norfolk
Monk Bretton, or Lund Priory, in Yorkshire
Monstery of Hoxne, in Suffolk
Mulebroc, or Millbrook; and Moddry, afterwards called Beaulieu, or De Bello Loco: a Cell to the Monastery of St. Albans
Mulieres Religiosæ in Goswin of Villers
Nesseham, or Nesham Priory, in the Country of Durham
Netley Abbey, in Hampshire
Nun Coton, or Cotham Nunnery, in Lincolnshire
Nun-Kelynge, or Chilling Nunnery, in Yorkshire
Nunnery of "The Black Ladies of Brewood," corruptly called Brewerne, in Staffordshire
Nunnery of Ankerwyke, in Buckinghamshire
Nunnery of Armethwaite, in Cumberland
Nunnery of Arthington, in Yorkshire
Nunnery of Blackborough, in Norfolk
Nunnery of Blythebury, in Staffordshire
Nunnery of Bretford, in Warwickshire
Nunnery of Bungay, in Suffolk
Nunnery of Carow, Kairo, or Carhou, in the suburbs of Norwich
Nunnery of Castle Hedingham, in Essex
Nunnery of Catesby, or Kateby, in Northamptonshire
Nunnery of Clerkenwell, in Middlesex
Nunnery of Cokehill, in Worcestershire
Nunnery of Derby, otherwise called King's mead, or De Pratis Domini Regis
Nunnery of Fosse, near or without Torkesey, in Lincolnshire
Nunnery of Godestow, in Oxfordshire
Nunnery of Haliwell, in Middlesex
Nunnery of Henwood, or Hynewode, anciently called Estwell, in Warwickshire
Nunnery of Hinchingbrooke, near Huntingdon
Nunnery of Ikelington, or Ickleton, in Cambridgeshire
Nunnery of Keinton, or Kington St. Michael, in Wiltshire
Nunnery of Kilburn, in Middlesex, a Cell to the Abbey of Westminster
Nunnery of Kirklees, or Kirkleghes, near Wakefield, in Yorkshire
Nunnery of Lambley upon the Tyne, in Northumberland
Nunnery of Langley, near Bredon, in Leicestershire
Nunnery of Lillechurch, or Heyham, in Kent
Nunnery of Little Mareis, called also De Parvo Marisco, and Yeddingham, in Yorkshire
Nunnery of Little Marlow, called also Minchin Marlow, in Buckinghamshire
Nunnery of Littlemore, sometimes called Sandford, in Oxfordshire