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Handale, or Grendale Priory, in Yorkshire
Hanepol, or Hampole Priory, in Yorkshire
Hayles Abbey, in Gloucestershire
Heyninges, or Hevenynge Nunnery, in Lincolnshire
Hildegard of Bingen: Visions and Validation
Hilton, or Hulton Abbey, in Staffordshire
History of the Bar Convent
Holy Women and Monks in the Thirteenth Century: Friendship or Exploitation?
Il monastero di Ste. Giuliana a Perugia nel secolo XIII
Imitatio Christi or Imitatio Mariae? Claire of Assisi and her Interpreters
In Search of Spiritual Perfection from Suzanne Wemple's Women in Frankish Society .
In the Jaws of the Bear: Journeys of Transformation by Women Mystics
Introduction to Vol. 2
Introduction to Vol. 3
Introduction to Vol. 4
Introduction to Vol. 5
Ivingho Nunnery, otherwise called Meuresley, or St. Margaret's de Bosco, in Buckinghamshire
Jacques de Vitry and The Spirituality of the Mulieres Sanctae
Joreval, Germs, or Jervaux Abbey, in Yorkshire
Julian of Norwich: A Saint for the Nineties
Keldholm Priory, in Yorkshire
Kinner, or Kemmer Abbey, in Merionethshire
Kirkstall Abbey, in Yorkshire
Lekeburn, or Legborn Nunnery, in Lincolnshire
Letter from Saint Anselm, archbishop of Canterbury, to Matilda, abbess of Wilton.
Letter from Seith, noble Anglo-Saxon religious, to Anselm, archbishop of Canterbury.
Letter to the Editor [Max Weber's sociology of religion]
Lewes Priory, in Sussex
Liming Monastery, in Kent
Lindisfarn, or Holy Island Benedictine Monastery and Cathedral, afterwards removed to Durham.
Lindisfarne, or Holy Island Monastery, in Northumberland
Llanlugan Nunnery, in Montgomeryshire
Llantarnam Abbey, in Monmouthshire
Looking for Medieval Women: An Interim Report on the Project 'Women's Religious Life and Communities, AD 500-1500
Lythom, or Letham Priory, in Lancashire, a Cell to the Monastery of Durham
Lythom, or Lethum Priory, in Lancashire, a Cell to the Monastery of Durham
Malmesbury Monastery of Benedictines, in Wiltshire.
Malpas, near Caerleon, in Monmouthshire
Margan Abbey, in Glamorganshire
Margaret Prestwich and the Priory of Seaton
Margery Kempe and the Rhetoric of Laughter
Medieval German Women Writers (1100-1450): Biographies and Sources
Medmenham, or Mendham Abbey, in Buckinghamshire
Melsa, or Meaux Abbey, in Yorkshire
Men's Houses, Women's Houses: The Relationship between the Sexes in Twelfth Century Monasticism
Mereval, or De Mira Valle Abbey, in Warwickshire
Middlesburgh, in the Deanry of Cleveland, in Yorkshire, a Cell to the Abbey of Whitby