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Abbey of Vaudey, or De Valle Dei, in Lincolnshire
Abbey of Vale Royal, or De Valle Regal, in Cheshire
Abbey of Tintern, in Monmouthshire
Abbey of Tallach, Tallaghan, Tallesch, or Talley, in Caermarthenshire
Abbey of Swineshed, in Lincolnshire
Abbey of Stratford Langthorne, in Essex
Abbey of St. Mary York
Abbey of St. Mary Graces, East-Minster, or New Abbey, in the suburbs of London
Abbey of St. Mary Dublin
Abbey of St. John at Colchester, in Essex
Abbey of St. Edmund's Bury, in Suffolk
Abbey of St. Dogmael, in Pembrokeshire
Abbey of St. Bennet of Hulme, in Norfolk
Abbey of Roche, or De Rupe, in Yorkshire
Abbey of Roberts Bridge, in Sussex
Abbey of Rewley, or De Regal, Loco, in the suburbs of Oxford
Abbey of Reading, in Berkshire
Abbey of Quarr, Quarrera, or Quarreria, in the Isle of Wight
Abbey of Newminster, near Morpeth, in Northumberland
Abbey of Newenham, in Devonshire
Abbey of Nethe or Neath, in Glamorganshire
Abbey of Louth Park, or De Parco Lude, in Lincolnshire
Abbey of Kirksted, in Lincolnshire
Abbey of Kingswood, in Wiltshire
Abbey of Inys or Iniscourcy, in the County of Downe in Ireland, Cell to Furness
Abbey of Holm Cultram, in Cumberland
Abbey of Grace-Dieu, in Monmouthshire
Abbey of Garendon, in Leicestershire
Abbey of Furnes or Furness, in Lancashire
Abbey of Ford, in Devonshire
Abbey of Faversham, in Kent
Abbey of Esseholt, in Yorkshire
Abbey of Dore, in Herefordshire
Abbey of Dieulacres, in Staffordshire
Abbey of De La Pre, in Northamptonshire, for Cluniac Nuns
Abbey of Cumhyre, in Radnorshire
Abbey of Combermere, in Cheshire
Abbey of Coggeshall, in Essex
Abbey of Clyve, in Somersetshire
Abbey of Byland, in Yorkshire
Abbey of Bruerne, in Oxfordshire
Abbey of Boxley, in Kent
Abbey of Bordesley, in Worcestershire
Abbey of Bittlesden, in Buckinghamshire
Abbey of Battle, or De Bello, in Sussex
Abbey of Basingwerk, in Flintshire
Abbey of Bardsey, in Caernarvonshire
Abbey of Alenceaster, Alceter, or Alcester, in Warwickshire
A Research Note on the Third Order of St. Francis in the Medieval Diocese of Utrech
A Comparative Study of Three Manuscripts of The Rule of St. Benedict for Women